Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tough Times for HSA Software Vendors

In a recent post, I cited HSA adoption figures from Canopy Financial. TechCrunch reports today that allegations of financial irregularities may be taking Canopy down. As pointed out by the TechCrunch, Canopy had been widely perceived as the market leader. At present, their website is down.

Could it be that the health spending account software model just doesn't work? Earlier this year, Members Health Network, the leading HSA software vendor to the credit union industry, liquidated its assets. According to an executive at HSA Bank, which has done custom work to modify a more standard core accounting system, there is just "not enough money in HSAs to split between the custodian and a service provider like them."

It will be interesting to see what other firms may attempt to take their banking clients, like Sovereign Bank, who had charged ahead touting a whitelabeled version of Canopy's product. Yet another joy for Santander, which acquired Sovereign last year. My bet would be http://www.hstechnology.com/, which has been around for a long time cautiously growing its network of insurance brokers that support its product. [EDIT 12/02/09 -- HST 's parent company, according an an executive there, has "made a decision to focus our human and financial capital on the Insurance Company that we acquired and reduce our emphasis on HST".]

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